Nursery: How to help your child write their name

Hi! This week we are sending out a leaflet about name writing, which I have included below. I would love to hear how you are getting on with name writing at home. Please comment below if you have any questions or ideas to share. I would love to hear how you are getting on in the comments too. Don’t forget to let us know what you would like information of for the next blog post!

Nursery Team (Jos)

Name Writing

Your child’s key person will be working with them on a regular, 1:1 basis to develop skills for name writing. We would like to let you know how to support your child with name writing at home, as this really is a skill for which practice makes perfect!

Firstly, let me note that there are many skills pupils need to develop before they even put pen to paper. Talk with your child’s key person for advice on what stage your child is at.

Pre-writing skills 

Pupils need to develop strength in their fingers to use writing tools effectively. To build strength you can:

  • Encourage them to do buttons up on shirts
  • Make playdough for them to manipulate at home
  • Sort small items into bowls such as rice grains and dried chickpeas
  • Ask them to thread items such as beads on string or cheerios onto a straw
  • Play with toys such as hama beads and peg boards

Early Writing Skills 

These involve:

  • Learning and practicing how to hold a pen / pencil / paintbrush using tripod grip (see picture)
  • Beginning to make basic marks such as lines, circles, zig-zags (I can give you a list of these marks to make as well as sheets for children to trace marks onto – just ask J)
  • Enjoying making marks with tools such as pens and crayons and in textures such as salt, sand and shaving foam.

Name Writing Skills

  1. Children need to be able to recognise their name first: write family names on pieces of paper then ask your child to pick theirs. Place letters of the alphabet on the floor then ask your child to pick letters that are in their name.
  2. Children need to be able to say the letters in their name (please use letter names not sounds, such as ‘s’ not ‘sssss’) ‘J – o – s’.
  3. Children need to be able to be able to order the letters in their name, cut the letters up then ask them to put them together like a jigsaw.
  4. Take one letter at a time, model how to form the letter, trace the letter then practice writing it. Rainbow writing (below) is a fun way to practice.
  5. Repeat this until the child has mastered each letter and how to write their full name.


*Note: please teach your child how to write their letter in lower case not capitals, e.g. Jos not JOS. If you have already taught them in capitals don’t worry, that it is useful for practicing letter formation but they need to relearn it in lower case now too.




Nursery – Our First Blog Post!

Welcome to our first Nursery blog post!

We hope that our forthcoming posts will be a great way for us to share ideas and have conversations about how to help your child progress at school and at home.

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