Our Trips to The Discover Centre

The Reception Classes have been visiting the Discover centre this week where they got to explore the world of Dr Suess. The experience was fantastic, we walked from school to the DLR station. From there we travelled to Stratford and walked to the Discover Centre. The children had a wonderful time and were really well behaved!

The Discover Centre focuses on a different children’s story ffor a number of weeks – giving families and children the opportunity to discover the wonderful world of literature. Have a look at their website, it has loads to offer especially for the weekend and school holidays.


Who Stole Our Money?

In Reception G today a crime took place. Someone broke into our classroom during lunch and stole a bag of money that we have been looking after. Reception G had to solve the crime, putting the clues together. After a little while we established that the burglar was a Mr M. As a class we wrote a persuasive letter asking for our money back. We await Mr M’s reply…


Welcome to our Reception Blog!!


Welcome to our Reception Blog. We will be posting about all the exciting and interesting things that we are learning!

This week we have been learning about People Who Help Us:

Reception N – People Who Help Us in School

Reception B – The Post Office

Reception G – Police Officers.

Do we have any parents who work in the community, who would like to come in and talk to the children about their job? And if not, while out and about with your children can you spot people whose job helps their community?