8 comments on “A morning at the beach.

  • The beach looks awesome, very seanic!
    No doubt everyone’s having a splashing time. Missing you lots Hamza.

  • panna begum says:

    Hope you are safe fuad. This is your mum speaking. Everyone looks like they are having fun. Hope you are well

  • Everyone looks to be having a good time, enjoy every moment, hope u r well Tahseen and having a great time, everyone at home is missing u very much. Have a safe journey back everyone.

  • Gorgeous beach and fab weather! Please don’t Forget to dig ms Lewis out of the sand pit Missed you saqif x

  • hope u r well Aysha you are all having a great time, great fun,enjoy every moment ,missing u very much Have a safe journey back everyone.

  • Shannaz says:

    Looks so fun! Glad your all ha ing a blast. Missing you Demitri. Rheshai and I can’t wait to see you so you can tell us all about it. Have a great last day and safe journey back guys! 🙂


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