Marner Film Club - The Story of Us

The Marner Film Club and Ms Scott-Kerr, made up of 10 children from years five and six, were involved in researching, planning, writing and creating a short film about the history of Marner School called -The Story of Us. Silhouette animation and still images were used to create the film using ‘Stop Motion’ animation software.

A producer from Chocolate Films, based in Battersea, visited the school and helped the children to shoot and edit the film — a total of 260 images were used to create the final piece.

The film is to be entered as part of the ‘Into Film Awards’ promoted by ‘Thames’ at Rich Mix. The children attended a celebration event with other schools at Rich Mix yesterday afternoon to see their film on the ‘big screen’.


Anne - Love it😑

Yui - Well children in a club made this

secret - I really like this video.
Who ever made this is awesome. Please tell me who made this

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