Children's Book Project

We've been lucky enough to work with the Children's Book Project again. Not only have then given us mountains of books, which will be heading home with children when we return to school, but they also invited us to take part in their World Book Day #1000readers film.

Here's the film with a message from Liberty and the Children's Book Project team.

Sit back, enjoy and see how many Marner smiley faces you can spot!

Message from Liberty and the Children's Book Project team

Dear children, parents and schools,

An enormous thank you for taking the time to participate in our five day film project!  We're very excited to share the final video with you.  

An astonishing 1,243 of you from 46 schools across London sent in a picture of yourself with a special book, and we've had a lot of fun looking at all your smiling faces!  We saw lots of familiar books plus some unusual ones.  We hope you had fun choosing one that you wanted to share.

Have fun celebrating World Book Day!

Liberty and the Children's Book Project team


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