Family Learning Festival 2017

The theme of ‘Family Learning’ inspired more than 40 families to bring learning alive.

This event was a part of Campaign for Learning.

We explored this year’s theme over eight sessions. We were using it to run money management and budget cooking family learning activities.

Learning carried on outside of school with two family learning trips to Genesis cinema and the Theatre Royal Stratford.

We hosted a celebration ceremony where each family was presented with a certificate and a goody bag with lots of fun  learning resources. The presentations were made by Assistant Headteacher Carol Doherty and Home / School Liaison Officer, Ahsana Choudhury.

“I have learned a lot from these workshops. I will make sure my children put some money away for charity. I will also engage my children more to help out with the cooking. My children loved learning about saving, earning, spending and budgeting.”

“As a result of this programme, I will make a few changes in my busy day to day chores and spend more time doing activities like cooking /baking with my children using simple recipes.”


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