Young Marketeering Project

Marner has been involved in the Young Marketeers Project over the past few years. Children grow vegetables in our school garden and sell them at Borough Market. The project gives them an insight into how our food gets from the ground to our plates and how marketing and distribution works.​

This year, unfortunately, the children have not be able to do this due to the present restrictions. However, they have planted, grown food and set up a stall in school where their produce was displayed.

Monies donated from Year 5 pupils, parents and teachers, help to support families in need. For every £1 received by the charity (School Food Matters), four meals are provided for people who do not have enough to eat. Many congratulations to our Young Marketeers for their amazing growing and selling skills.

They have raised £60 and this will provide 240 meals for those in need!


Alina 5p - I hope you guys have fun and enjoyed it

Sameerah - I have actually picked out the fruit with some other kids in year 5 and Mr lilon, Mr Miah it was very fun and we had a great time and I hope that the people who eat these veg and fruit enjoy it.
Thank you, from sameerah.

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