The Curriculum at Marner

At Marner we are proud to be a member of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). In Maths we are following the Lancashire Grid for Learning scheme. For an overview of the National Curriculum for England and Wales visit the Gov.uk website.

About IPC

The IPC is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum for 3-11 year olds, with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject, for international mindedness and for personal learning.

The IPC has been designed to ensure rigorous learning but also to help teachers make all learning exciting, active and meaningful for children. Learning with the IPC takes a global approach; helping children to connect their learning to where they are living now as well as looking at the learning from the perspective of people in other countries.

The IPC is used by schools in more than 92 countries around the world.

What this means for learning at Marner

In the Early Years & Foundation Stage

In the EYFS the learning each half term is around a theme which is closely linked and supported through stories, songs and rhymes. We cover 7 Areas of Learning and Development as outlined in the EYFS curriculum and there is a strong emphasis on language development. We are part of the Every Tower Hamlets Child a Talker (ETHCAT) project.

Learning is achieved through a carefully planned range of play-based activities and experiences. Additional activities and experiences are provided, following the children’s interests, in order to enhance the curriculum we deliver.

Children in the EYFS are supported in developing their independence both in aspects of their own personal care and in respect of their learning. We have an ‘open door’ policy and welcome parents/ Carers and the contributions they make to their children’s learning. We aim for children to enjoy their time in the early years, to develop interests and to feel safe and secure so that they develop the necessary characteristics that will enable them to be effective and successful learners in the future. 

In KS1 and KS2

At Marner most learning takes place in cross-curricular lessons based on a theme.  Each term every class studies a different theme/s, some are science based, some are historical and others have a geographical bias.  Over the course of a year pupils will acquire a range of knowledge and develop skills based on integrated learning experiences. This helps them to make links in learning and build strong ideas about themselves and the world around them. The themes are exciting and pupils have the opportunity to help shape them as the questions they ask and ideas they bring to their learning are valued and used to inform what happens next.

In addition to the class themes, the Marner curriculum includes themed weeks and days which are a focus for the whole school. These special themes and days are a lovely way of celebrating the world around us e.g. science week, specialist art and design projects, Marner talent show, music show cases or to highlight the needs of others through our support of charities e.g. Red Nose Day, Sports Relief, British Heart Foundation etc.

In SHINE at Marner – Our Saturday School

Marner runs a Saturday School in partnership with Shine and Poplar Harca. Sixty children attend school for 5 hourson Saturdays throughout the school year. The curriculum is very creative and includes maths and English. Sports coaches attend every week to extend the range of activities on offer. Saturday school is led by an Assistant Head and a range of teachers, teaching assistants and volunteers. This ensures children can work in smaller groups to maximise the opportunities for learning. It is extremely popular  with children and parents alike.

Find out more about SHINE on Saturday...