Remote Learning

Our aim at Marner is:

To continue to provide a high quality standard of education for all pupils when they are learning at home.

The following is a contingency plan for remote learning when pupils need to self-isolate.

There is a plan for:

  1. Individuals or small groups of pupils needing to self-isolate
  2. The closure of a whole class group of full lockdown

The plan ensures that there is alignment between face-to-face and remote education, so that, should pupils need to self-isolate, they can transition smoothly back into the classroom having followed the same/similar curriculum sequence as their in-school peers.

The relationship between face-to-face and remote education will ensure that no child falls behind and will alleviate pressure on teachers due to changes in attendance.


Remote education will be available immediately should pupils require it.

We will provide:

  • High quality remote educational provision that is meaningful and aligns with the face-to-face delivery of the curriculum on site
  • Resources that are high quality, simple and accessible – easy to create and use. They are the same as those used in face-to-face teaching where possible
  • Feedback and assessment of learning takes place daily in some form. This can be done via Class Dojo and or Google Classroom
  • A tailored offer to meet pupils’ additional needs including for younger pupils and those with SEND


  • By looking after our school community and finding solutions that have the well-being of staff, pupils and families at the heart of it
  • By communicating expectations clearly within teaching teams and with pupils and families at home
  • By being open to innovation and new ways of providing high quality remote learning