Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

At Marner Primary, we believe that high-quality teaching, targeted academic support and our wider school strategies, which address the non-academic barriers to success in school, enacted with skill and determination, will enable all children to come back stronger and go onto to succeed in this academic year and the years which follow.

We know that primary school is one stage in our children’s learning journey and we want our children to have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed – to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences as they move through our school, onto secondary school, through further education and into the wider world.

With this in mind, we continue to develop our curriculum. We think carefully about the knowledge and skills we want our children to learn. Knowledge brings more knowledge – the more you know, the easier it is to learn new things and we are determined that the knowledge our children build at Marner is powerful: our children acquire knowledge that takes them beyond their own experiences whilst still making sense to them and who they are. In a knowledge-rich curriculum, skills and understanding are seen as forms of knowledge to be taught within subject specific contexts. At Marner, vocabulary development is a priority – we know that by developing our children’s critical and creative thinking skills, collaboration and oracy skills, we support our children to successfully use the vocabularies we work so hard with them to build.

Respect, happiness, growth, hope and motivation are themes that run through everything we do at Marner and help to tell our story: The Story of Us.