Memorial Page for Mr Hague

Following the sad news of the death of our beloved Headteacher, Mr. Hague, we invite you to share your happy memories, and messages about him. If you find it hard to write, you may draw pictures too.

Mr. Hague was our Headteacher for five years, joining our school in September 2016. Over which time he helped many families and children. He believed passionately in Marner, ‘The Story of Us.’

Mr. Hague’s mum has talked about what a hard working and dedicated person he was. How he gave his everything to his role as Headteacher. How Mr.Hague loved his school, especially all of the children.

The school, together with Mr. Hague’s mum, will be working on a special memorial in our school library. To create a space where a love of reading and children’s stories will continue to be shared in Mr. Hague’s memory.

It is with profound sadness and a great sense of loss that we are writing to let you know that our Headteacher, Nick Hague, unexpectedly died just before Christmas.

Nick worked at Marner Primary school for five years, becoming Headteacher in September 2016 and he worked passionately for all our children, staff and families.

Nick was also a well known and respected member of the education community, which he served for many years, both in Tower Hamlets and beyond. He will be very much missed by colleagues, friends and the families of Marner Primary school.

Read the letter from Henry Waite (Chair of Governors) and Janice Long (Deputy Headteacher)...

Your tributes

Anonymous - Rest in peace, you will be missed.

Nancy Dibley - I have only just heard the very, very sad news of Nick’s passing. I worked with him when he was part of the leadership team at Thomas Buxton Primary in about 2014. I think our paths only crossed for about a year but I have very fond memories of working with him. What do I remember most? His smile, his “looks” that could have you in stitches and his huge smile. Him and I once had the pleasure of planting an olive tree together with a group of children- well who knew it was such hard work to plant a tree? In between belly laughing at what terrible gardeners we were , we did a very bad job of planting it but as usual when Nick was about, we had a whole heap of fun doing it. Rest in Peace Mr Hague- you were a wonderful teacher, a fantastic leader and a great man. Sending my condolences to his family, friends, pupils and colleagues xx

Danny Lye - Dear, Dear Nick,

I still can't quite believe that I won't be able to share a joke with you in the future, or be able to reach out for advice and support as I have done so many times over the last few years. Perhaps I never told you, but your presence as a governor of Bow School, as well as your professional and personal friendship was something I valued so, so much. You were such a great man, headteacher and presence in the community who inspired and supported countless students, families and colleagues - I suspect, in fact I know, that you were so much more important to those around you than your humility would allow you to admit. Rest well my friend.... and keep 'rolling that eye' as you watch us from on high. With love xx

Fanoula Smith St Saviours Primary - Thank you for being a part of our lives as a person, as a colleague, as a friend. Your light, laughter and love will stay with us. You made a difference to us all. Love Fanoula

Me Yasin miah - Some of you may known me I just heard my old head teacher passed so I am here to say while you're hearing about this sad loss don’t worry and look forward he's still here and the time he was here for while it lasted so don’t be sad you knew him and keep that in mind he won’t be forgotten he will be here seeing all have you done and be there when you are down and help you with his smile so be happy from MD Yasin Miah

Fatimah parent of Yusuf and Musa T - Mr Nick Hague was such a wonderful head teacher and person to see every morning at the school gates and every afternoon. He took time to understand the children parents and the community.
Many times I would have conversations with you about various things you always had time.
Thank you for all the help you have given to all the parents, students and teachers. Marner was really amazing with you there.
And thank you for the time you gave to my children and myself I will never forget it.
It truly won't be the same without you but I know you will remain with in our hearts forever.

My regards to your mother who raised a great man.

Fatimah and family

Yusuf(5P) - Its very sad when I first heard that Mr Hague died on the 23 of December. It was so heartbreaking. I got to play with him, laugh together with him and just have some fun.
It was fun to stay in touch with Mr Hague and have big talks with me in person in his office. He gave me time to describe my feelings and talk about loads of stuff.

R.I.P MR Hague

Ardh S 4D - Ardhi drew this picture to show his honour and respect to Mr Hauge. He tried to write some words to explain how he loved his best teacher. He also try to explain his feelings. As a parents I have very close relationship with him doing some school activities. We will always remember him as humble person with full of personality and leadership skills. We missed you Mr Hauge.

suzanne hurd - I may have only met you nearly 2 years ago, but you made us all feel like we had known you forever. You could go from the sternest look to outright laughter in a split second. You always put everybody else first, greeting everybody at the gates every morning, popping in to classes randomly, and always available no matter how busy you were. I have never met a man so lovely and so dedicated. The best boss I ever had, it was a privilege to work with you and I thank you for taking such great care of us all. There are few people in the world who you can truly say had never had a bad word said about them, you were one of these people. We will all miss you terribly. The children made feathers yesterday to help you fly high. Until we meet again. xx

Nasrin Sardar - Nick had a big heart and a great personality, always shared a smile with everyone. His caring nature and hard work for the school and the community, will be greatly missed. I will miss our daily little catch-ups at the gates, and will always value the advice and support he had given me. May he rest in peace 💔

Zakariya Sardar - I miss you so much Mr Hague since 2020 but the good thing is that you went to heaven

Zaiba Sardar x marner student - Dear mr Hague, you were such a kind teacher and I will always remember your big smile. You will forever be in our hearts.

Tahmina, Safroz (4M) - It is still a shock to us that something like this could happen. Bringing Safroz to school, I as usual was expecting to see your friendly, kind and always smiley face...Very sad news. I want your Mum to know what a wonderful human being she raised! Our son Safroz is in year 4 and he has Down syndrome. From the day 1 Safroz was welcomed by Mr.Hague and accepted by school for who he is. Every morning Mr.Hague with big beautiful smile would greet Safroz at the gate and always say hello Safroz how are you.

So many times when we had challenges with Safroz, you would calm us down and be expremely supportive. I remember once when Safroz was having difficulties with his called me with Safi to your office...I could expect anything from head teachers...but to my surprise you were so supportive, you kept saying let's try to help him and find a way to just get him through this phase. We can help him you said...It is hard to write...tears are dropping from my eyes...

Thank you so much for being such an amazing, wonderful and kind man. I wish you to rest in peace! I wish strength to your mum to go through this pain. You will never be forgotten in our home! Safroz loves you and thank you for everything.

Rushnara (Dawud's mum 4N) - Dear Nick, I want you to know that as a parent I just like other parents appreciated what you did for the school. Your honesty and integrity was outstanding and you really valued us. You listened to us and you heard us Nick. Walking into the school gates in the morning and evening you stood there with so much strength leading us as a school and a community. Your presence was so warm and welcoming and you will never be forgotten.

Jannatul (4m and family) - I am going to miss Mr Hague because he always smiles and is positive all the time.

Zubaydah - ex Marner student - Dear Mr Hague,
You were an amazing headteacher and a very good role model to all students at Marner. You will always be remembered and missed. I feel sad for your mum and I hope she is ok. Zubaydah

Mukshina (Muks) - With tears running down my cheeks…I cannot believe I am writing this. I don’t know where to start, there’s so much to say yet it’s so hard to find the words because it still doesn’t feel real. Today was the first time I walked into your office…I could still smell your Jean Paul Gaultier perfume and it made me smile. Your presence is everywhere and it always will be. Whenever I walk past your office where your door is still open I expect to see you sitting there and to hear “Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling” playing loudly and you would greet me saying “You Alright Muks?” with the biggest warmest smile.
Since you came to Marner I can honestly say that it is has been an absolute honour to be your colleague and a pleasure to have been your friend. Your A-Team (Admin Team) always had your back. You made a huge impact on everyone’s lives; the children, the staff, parents and everywhere you went and whoever you met. Thank you Nick. I hope we your Marner Family continue to do you proud.
I have many fond memories of you Nick, one of them being our staff bbq. I asked you for a selfie (everyone knows how much I love those lol) and you gave me “the look” followed with “what are you like!” I can’t help but smile and laugh remembering this day.
I sit in my office now imagining how you would walk in at the end of each day to check if I’m still there and I attempting to try and hide behind the cabinet because it was late and you repeatedly telling me to go home. You would wait for me to pack my things and we would walk out the school gates together, a true gentlemen. Your kindness and big heart is missed terribly, but heaven has gained a rare angel.
Sending my love and deepest condolences to your mum, oh how you adored her! You spoke about her all the time and the special bond you had with her. Before you would go to visit your mum you would tell me that you needed to get a haircut and trim your beard so you wouldn’t get “told off”.
There will be a time when I’m not so sad and that every time I think of you, I will have a warm heart and smile. I’m not saying goodbye because you will always be with me. Until we meet again, I’ll be expecting my 14 second hug! 🥰

Aysha akther - It was really shocking to when we received the sad news, Mr hague, made the school a better place, he was really special, he was really kind, and he always had a positive attitude, we are all surely going to miss him greeting everyone at the gate, and it's really hard to accept this sad news, we will miss him very much

Jesmin - You will forever be in our hearts. Rest in peace Nick 💔

Inaya M (4N) Ihsan M (1K) - We are very sad to hear about Mr Hague.
He was an amazing headteacher that gave us the best education and fun memories in school. No one could ever replace him, he was a lovely person that made our school safe and fun environment to be in. Marner primary school will always remember and never forget his lovely smile, contagious laugh and the sense of importance and belonging he gave everyone. He will be dearly missed and still be loved by all of us.

Gabrielius 4M and Arijus - From our whole family we would like to say how shocking the news was and we still cannot believe it. This is very sad and painful news to everyone. He was a great person and he will still be an amazing person in everyones heart. Mr Hague was very warm with his constant smile and lovely atitude to the kids and parents. Sending best wishes to his wonderful family.

Saqib (4D) & Yaqub (1J) - It is very shocking and sad to hear Mr Hague is no longer with us💔, he was an amazing and caring headteacher a school can have. He has protected and done so much for us trying to keep us and our family safe from the virus, Mr Hague is a saviour.
I still remember when I was in year 3 Mr Hague helped my Class with the ‘Rights Respecting Chart’, he was so helpful.
Mr Hague will be missed and never be forgotten.

Eshan M 6S - Mr Hague was one of the best headteachers i've had in my whole life and he was so kind and he always used be calm when you got in trouble and i was shocked when i heard he wasn't with us anymore and I will always remember him because I loved how Mr Hague was kind and caring

Umar - Mr Hauge, you have been a great headteacher for the past few years, but sadly you have passed away, since you have passed away we all have been really devastated. Your death has even brought some of us to tears do you know why because we all really appreciated your hard work for us. In Marner Primary School we are all family and know we have lost the most important person in our family so I and everyone hopes you lie peacefully. R.I.P Mr Hague

Halima Kamali - It is still a struggle to come to terms with the devastating news of the loss of our headteacher Nick.
A headteacher, colleague and friend to many people.
Nick, words can't express what a wonderful man you were, always so happy and joyful. You came to Marner 5 years ago and created so many wonderful memories we will treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measures ❤ you may no longer be with us but your presence will always be in our hearts (your Marner family).
My deepest condolence go out to all his friends and family especially his Mum, who meant the world to him.
Mum, Nick may not be here with us but please remember his Marner family is here if you ever need anything ❤
RIP Nick

Jane - Nick was on the gate in the morning welcoming the children in, chatting to the families and in his office, as we all left each day, door open ready for a chat. I'm not even sure what we talked about: everything from episodes of Grey's Anatomy, to what was going on in the world at large, to the plans he had when he next visited his mum. Nick worked so hard this year to keep the school safe for all of us: children, families and staff. Sending so much love to his mum x

Ferdous Begum - It was heartbreaking news to hear that Nick passed away so unexpectedly. I’ll always remember that special smile, that caring heart, the immense support he always gave his staff through good and bad times no matter what!

He touched so many lives, helped so many children, parents and people in the school community. All his hard work and leadership will forever be treasured at Marner. His memory will never leave us and it will always remain in our hearts.

My deepest condolences go out to his family, friends and especially his Mum who he loved dearly.

Alex Law - Harry Roberts Nursery School - I heard about Nick before I met him from friends and colleagues at Thomas Buxton. Then I met you and everything they said about was true. You were funny, kind and just a great person. I will miss your witty comments at the headteacher meetings and of course your fantastic choice in music. Reach for the stars Nick. x
Love and condolences to your mum, family and friends as well as everyone at Marner. You will be missed x

Aleks Morshed - I will always remember the last conversation Nick and I had. He had touched the hearts of so many children and adults alike and will be dearly missed by so many. Nick could command the room like no one else with his amazing humour and I always looked forward to his Inset days and assemblies. He could get the best out of people. He spoiled us for so long with his monthly Friday treats but that’s not why he’ll be missed. My condolences to his family especially his mum. I hope she finds peace knowing how important Nick was to all of us. A true HERO. We’ll never forget you Nick. x

Tahera Sultana - I have had so many conversations with you in my head since receiving that devastating phone call. In every chat that laughter is there. You know how much I could stretch a conversation...the time when I had a 15 minute meeting booked in with you but it lasted an hour and half! You gently reminded me that we needed to wrap it up but I had "one more thing to say." And you listened. I told you something that day that I always thought I'd come back to...
I send my deepest condolences to your mum who you clearly adored and your friends that are mourning this huge loss. I will miss our end of day exchanges but I am keeping you posted. I hope you're still listening. X

Mary Jenkinson - It is with sincere condolences to Nick's family - especially his Mum and close family that I write this. It was a great pleasure to know and have worked with Nick. His appreciation of his staff and the way he listened to students was a great mark of his integrity. I was always struck with the way he recognised the need for a healthy work/life balance which is a rare thing. It is very strange to go past his office and not see him at his desk, or shouting out as I pass. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time and in the weeks and months to come.

Susan - Oh Nick, I don't really know where to start it has taken me so long to think of the words to write.
From my first nervous day on a inset day meeting all the Marner staff in one go, you have made me feel at ease like i could talk to you about anything i had never had that from a boss before! I knew i had made the right decision to continue with working with Children after spending a year thinking that i wasn't good enough for this job anymore, you gave me confidence again by telling me to look at the bigger picture.
After 3 months at Marner i found out my Daughter had a Brain Tumour, i came to you and offered to hand in my notice. Nick you looked at me and said take all the time you need nothing is more important than family!
During lockdown 1 we spent lots of time together discussing missing our loved ones, your beloved Mum was always part of our conversations you clearly adored each other as that old twinkle would appear in your eye.
All of our love Nick or Nick Fury (Avengers) as my Harry calls you. Rest in eternal peace Susan xx

Carol Doherty - Each time I walk past your office where your door is still always open I expect to see you sitting there and a call out ‘have you got a minute Carol?’ I will spend many minutes thinking about the good times - your booming laugh - we heard so often sometimes we would look at each other and say - i thought that was a serious meeting he was having next door !? And I’m glad we persuaded you to be a TTRS the children loved it and the staff!
Often you would come in on Saturdays when we had SHINE school to do more work from your office and as it was your ‘day off’ you would have your music playing ...... fairly loud ...... I loved to hear your selections - every one a winner! Made me smile on a Saturday and we’d maybe chat about bands and concerts we’ d been to see and about your mum and my mum and dad. You were a great supporter of SHINE school. Thanks for that.
Your presence will indeed remain with us through The Story Of Us and we will do our utmost to continue that legacy.

Anna - Reading through the messages, it is striking just how much Nick was adored and highly esteemed. We truly could not have asked for a better headteacher. He was a natural at the job. He was incredibly hardworking and diligent, to the point that passing his office at the end of the day I’d frequently tell him to go home and relax! He was also incredibly caring and understanding. I remember going to tell him that I was pregnant with my third child. I was nervous as it would be my third maternity leave in just 4 years!! He was so lovely about it and really put me at ease. We even had a laugh about it! I have shed so many tears over his passing. I just don’t want to believe it. I will miss him very much. My thoughts go to all that knew him and loved him so much, especially his favourite person, his dear mum. Thank you for being such an amazing individual, Nick. Rest in peace. You will never be forgotten. Lots of love, Anna xxx

Beverley Pierre - ex-Jubilee Primary School and Children's Centre - Such sad news. I worked with Mr Hague at Jubilee and from the moment he walked in, he set about making his mark. He had such a big hearty laugh that it wasn't difficult to know when he was around. His passing is such a great loss to Education and to all who knew and worked with him. RIP

Brid McDaid at staff at St Agnes School - We were so sorry to hear of the sudden death of Nick Hague. He was a wonderful leader who always put the community at the centre of all he did and challenged us to be better. He will be sadly missed by all. Our sympathies go to the school community and all those who know him. Your loss must be great.

Umayya and Isma'il (5P) Maria (1J) and Family - We were shocked when we heard the news. I still remember receiving the text and being in disbelieve. Nick was an amazing man and come rain or shine, he was always there at the gates. He genuinely cared for all the kids and did so much for them. We are definitely the lucky ones to have had you in our lives. You will be missed by us dearly.

Lorraine F-S (LBTH) - My deepest sympathies to Nick's mum. The strong bond you shared was admirable. I definitely miss his warm stories about "Christmas with Mum" and visits home to "Mum". Nick was a truly special person and a pleasure working with him and getting to know him over the last 3 years . He was a real person alongside that professionalism he always exuded. Nick always acted with integrity and instilled a love for learning . His love of working with children came through effortlessly. I vividly recall calling the school to talk to him and on one occasion, being informed he was in the play ground with the children during their lunchtime/play time and another time, he came to take my call quickly but had been helping serve the Christmas lunch to the children. Will always be remembered with fondness.
Gone Readin' - Devoted Headteacher

Barbara Lo Giudice - Nick was an amazing source of help, support, reassurance and comedy anecdotes during our meetings in Action Learning Group. I will greatly miss his joyful laugh and his wonderfully passionate spirit. An inspiration to us all.

Craig Sowden - A great character that will be missed by all. Huge condolences to all involved with Marner and his family. Always a pleasure to speak with him, always put a smile on your face and you knew he would do everything for those that mattered the most, the children and staff in his school. He will be missed for sure

Clare Lee - Jubilee - A cuddly bear with a big growl was how you described yourself . I found you supportive, cuddly, funny, kind. The Office was a great environment to work in and loved the music from Dolly Parton, Lisa Stanfield and all kinds of DISCO we always have fun and lots of laughter. Your headship was the start of a great community school which continues to thrive. My thoughts especially are with your mum Jan, who I know you were extremely close to.

Debbie Tyson-Gooden - ex-Jubilee Primary School and Children's Centre - I worked with Nick at Jubilee for a few years as Business Manager. I have lots of fond memories of working with him, although things were tough, we always found time to have a laugh. My most memorable time was when I had not been at the school that long, hadn't even passed my probation, yet still I was shaving off his beard with shaking hands in a whole school assembly for Children in Need; he was always doing things for the children. I will also always think of him when I use Febreze! RIP Nick.

Julie Elleray - ex-Jubilee Primary School and Children's Centre - It was a huge shock to hear of Nick's passing. I remember him with great affection. He was always really supportive and gave great hugs! He trusted me with organising the Queen's Jubilee Year street party and was open to all the ideas I put forward for the entertainment etc. On the day, we spent quite a few hours at "silly o'clock" inflating balloons for the balloon race. Rest in peace Nick and, from reading all the lovely messages here, you will be greatly missed by so many people.

Dawn MacDonald Jubilee - It was with great sadness I heard that Nick had passed away. I have some amazing memories of a larger than life personality with a wicked sense of humour. We shared many laughs and tears through both the good and more challenging times and he will be remembered fondly by all he came in contact with. My special thoughts go to Nicks mum who I know he was so close to. He will be missed.

Ahsana - Our last conversation sits vividly in my mind as if it happened yesterday: "You are magical, Nick, you have the magic power of hypnotising people!", you laughed out so loud that it’s still ringing in my ears. If only I knew then that you would magically disappear from us, just like that, 11 days after our conversation.
I miss you Nick, every single day! You had the most amazing personality that made every single person who came your way feel so special and valued. By always making sure we were safe and thoroughly supported in terms of both work and our personal lives, we created a relationship built fully on trust. Your door was always open for us, and for that we will always be grateful.
Marner and the wider community are mourning the loss of a great leader, teacher, motivator and, above all, a great human being. Nick, I have always appreciated the enormous support and encouragement you have given me during my work with families from Marner and other local schools. I know that parents would miss you dearly: you always made sure to greet and welcome them by joining our coffee mornings, parenting classes, activities and general events. You were the most brilliant host to our lovely parents- so simple, funny, honest and professional. Thank you for always celebrating our work: you made so much effort to reserve some time in your busy schedule to attend our parental engagement events, and we all loved having you as you brought so much humour and fun every time. You were incredibly loving and respectful to all cultures and traditions. I can remember the countless times you accepted challenges to eat spicy foods by parents. You ate the spiciest traditional Bangladeshi foods with bravery, and sometimes I even thought you had a higher spice tolerance than me!!
We had so much fun together, and I will treasure all the fond memories I have of you. Our conversations in the parents room always ended up about our precious mums and various other things, and I want to let you know that my mum has also joined you, I hope she can find you and say hello. She knew how great a boss you were and how tirelessly you have worked for the community in this pandemic. You were our hero. My love and condolences are with your dear mum and the rest of your family and friends.
Marner’s “story of us” will always continue, and your legacy here will live on forever. If heaven could let you have a day out, please come to visit us! Thank you for everything, you will be forever in my heart.
Rest in eternal peace, Nick. xx

Rahala - I was very shocked and saddened when I heard Mr Hague had passed away, he will always be in our memories. He was a very kind and gentle person, always made it very easy for us to talk to him when ever we needed his assistance. Will miss him dearly.
My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Teresa Williams - So lovely to see all these messages for a wonderful man. Our family had the pleasure of knowing Nick when he arrived at Jubilee Primary School and brought such a warm and inspirational energy to what had been quite a deflated school. As others have said, Nick brought humour and positivity to everything he did. He cared so much about every child and it is devastating he is no longer with us. That I still feel moved to write even though my eldest has completely finished school and my youngest is in Yr11 tells you all you need to know about Nick’s lasting legacy. Rest well Nick, you deserve it. Teresa, Mark, Lara and Noah

Rachel Mahon - Whatever was thrown at school leaders, Nick always maintained his sense of humour and will be sorely missed by his headteacher colleagues.

Stephanie Watson - It was a pleasure working with Nick, such a fair and consistent Head Teacher who always had people at the heart of his decisions. I will miss his approachability and caring leadership. My sincere condolences go to the Marner school community and his to his family and friends.

Gloria Sarpong - Dropping off and picking up my child from school will never be the same. Mr Hague always entertained and made me happy whiles I wait to pick up my child. You'll forever be missed. May your soul rest in perfect peace 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Ayaan Mhamud - We will miss you Mr Hague, this is such a loss for everyone in our school, what makes me love you is your very lovely smile, we will never ever forget such an amazing head teacher 🥺😢😭🙁☹️. It feels so bad to lose a lovely, amazing headteacher we will all love you, I cry every single day when I heard about this, I was going to give up my smile. You were everything to me I really miss you in the clouds, your lovely smile makes me soooo happy it is such a loss for all of us. I love you a lot, you made me join marner because of your lovely and amazing smile we will never forget about you 😔😞☹️😩😩🥺

Jill Scott-Kerr - I am so deeply saddened by the loss of Nick and have such admiration for him as a leader and for the man that he was - selfless and caring. He always considered everyone within the school and the school community and cared for and respected all staff members. He often expressed how proud he was of his team and how they rose to the challenges that they faced.
Nick through his dedication truly rose to so many difficult challenges again and again. I thank him for everything he did for us his Marner family.
We will all miss him dearly.

Janice Long - Each morning I enter the school I love and start my day visiting your office. I talk to you while there. It gives me the courage to step out and continue the journey you so passionately started - The Story of Us. Your presence is everywhere and always will be.
Many people have spoken of your laugh, your smile, that incredible look you could give - which many a time, I was on the receiving end of...
What strikes me most was the kindness and capacity to listen that flowed from you.
I so wished the circumstances were different, but having spoken to your mum and read the beautiful letter she has written to our children, I now know just what a special lady she is! Your mum was your world and you are her’s.
I end each day visiting your office, telling you of the many things we are doing, ensuring we continue all you would have wanted. Missing your advice, your calm approach and the way you would have made sense of all that is being asked of us.
But most of all your laugh and the occasional, “Janice!” As you would need to be rescued from a child who had become far to comfortably in your office!
You will be terribly missed.
In my thoughts always... XX

Dave Malachi - Nick and I were very good friends for nearly 30 years.

He was so proud to be the Headteacher of Marner School. He always spoke about his pupils and colleagues with such pride ... he really cared for all of his pupils and wanted the very best for each and everyone one of them.

I am so sad that there will be children in the future who will not get to meet this remarkable man.

The biggest tribute to Nick will be if every child goes on to realise and live their goals and dreams, be happy and successful.

Tom Prestwich, Jubilee Primary School - I only had the pleasure of working with Nick for a year but he made a huge impression on me. He was the one who brought me to Jubilee and has so influenced the Headteacher i try to be. He was always very generous with his time and taught me a great deal about leadership but i think the thing that struck me most about Nick was, no matter what was going on or how tricky things were, how utterly dedicated he was to the children in his care. He was a wonderful man and will be truly missed.

Lauren - There will never be enough words to convey the impact you had and will continue to have on our Marner family and community. You have always guided me professionally and personally and I will continue to ask myself "What would Nick say?" whenever I have one of my wobbles, which you always saved me from. I've heard your voice many times in the last few weeks as we continue to try to do you proud and put our kids first and I hope your influence at Marner continues to shine for years to come. Thank you for starting the story of us.

Kelvin Malcolm - On behalf of London Borough of Tower Hamlets Passenger Transport, we pass on our sincere condolences to Mr Hague, his family and the School.

Sharon Williams- Jubilee primary School - I remember our first day of meeting Nick it was an Inset Day, He wore a white T-Shirt with a picture of a Bear, He asked us all what we thought it represented about Him,We could not work it out, He said " i'm a gentle Bear with a Big Growl." Gentle indeed, you were Nick always passionate about his staff and children. Nick built such a strong community with Jubilee, he invested so much energy and passion into his role as our Head Master and for that jubilee school will remain truly grateful
Thank you Nick for always having time for me,and allowing me to call you" My gentle Bear" whenever I came to your office with an Idea
" If its for the children ,and it possible then yes lets do it." That's what you'd say.
Sending my condolences to your family. Rest In Eternal Peace.

Gillian Honour Jubilee Primary School - I was very saddened to receive the news that Mr Hague had passed away. He was a lovely man and I and many others here enjoyed working with him during his time here at Jubilee. Mr Hague was both liked and respected and it is very obvious when reading through the many tributes that have been posted that so many others feel the same as I do.

Tahira - Nick! There aren’t enough words to express how amazing you were as a headteacher and not forgetting your incredible personality. I have worked in many primary schools but I have not met anyone like you, by far you have been the best headteacher I have worked with!!! Your kind and caring approach to your members of staff made you so unique and above all made us feel at ease. Your humour, sarcasm and facial expressions made us all laugh and allowed us to share a special bond with you. Although you had a hundred and one jobs, your doors were ALWAYS open for us and you compassionately listened to whatever problems we bought to you, whether it was personal or work related. You were truly a gem of a person Nick and I will miss you dearly!
You worked throughout the pandemic and made sure our safety was your priority and we will never forget that. What a true leader you were! Your loss has left us all devastated with countless tears however all your memories will be cherished.
My heartfelt condolences goes out to your mother, friends and family. Your Marner family will miss you dearly Nick 🤍

Helena Russell, Magic Breakfast - I was really sad and shocked to learn of Nick’s passing. On behalf of Magic Breakfast, I would like to thank Nick for all the hard work and support over the years in ensuring no child too hungry to learn. My thoughts are with his family and with all the lovely staff and children at Marner, sending all my love.

Maria Lewington - As a fellow Headteacher , you were collaborative, clear and generous. As a friend, you were funny, sharp and kind. On the dance floor - we shared the same height, taste in music and stamina! I shall miss you! Thank you for your inspiration and you will be remembered every day.

Andrew Daniels - Since I left Marner the experience of Nick's generosity, humour and dedication has stayed with me and guided me in my new school. I learnt so much from the way he managed to listen to every child and adult in the school, no problem was ever too big or too small for him to lend a sympathetic ear. I will take with me his big laugh, his kindness and warmth of personality to the children I now teach and remember him up to his waist in the sea on the Isle of Wight bellowing with laughter at his pupils having the time of their lives. Thank-you Nick for everything you gave to me and the Marner family.

Mandy (Man Lau) - I was heartbroken to know Mr Hague is gone. I don’t want to believe he is gone forever. When I walk pass his office, I wish he is busy somewhere in the school and will be back to his office soon. Unfortunately, this will not happen anymore. Tears fill up my eyes, I missed him so much.

Mr Hague had a very warm and kind heart, caring about everyone in the school. He was true to his words, humble and had a good sense of humour. He wanted the best for the children. Under his great leadership, Marner had many positive changes in every way, people go to school with smiles. He was easy to take to, made me feel respected and valued.

Mr Hague was such a great person you couldn’t find one in thousands of millions. His dedication to work inspired so many others. So much things we can learn from him. His compassion, generosity and kindness will live forever.

Everyone knows him will miss him immensely.
My condolences and love go to Mr Hague’s mum he loves the most and his family.

Vicky Calafato (ex staff member) - When I heard that Nick had sadly passed away a chill ran down my spine. Although I only crossed paths working in Marner Primary School with Nick as my Head Teacher I can honestly remember what a kind, supportive and dedicated Head Teacher he was. This news has been ever so sad and I send my condolences to his family and friends that he left behind. His journey ended too soon. May you RIP Nick and the angels take good care of you in heaven. Vicky Calafato x

Rafah 2S - I will miss Mr Hague

Sharon Foster - Jubilee Primary School - Still can't believe you are no longer with us. I was lost for words when I got the news. I remember your first inset day at Jubilee and you said that you was a gentle bear with a big growl, well that was true! We got on so well and you made me laugh. Your door was always opened for me to stress any concerns that I had and your presence was respected, which I loved. My condolences to your family and may you forever rest in peace.

Ahlam.m (6k) - My family and I were very shocked when we heard the bad news. It was all over social media on my parents phone and we thought it wouldn't be true but unfortunately it was.Mr Hague was a good headteacher and we'll miss him lots. With all the good times that our school has had with him will always be in our hearts. He was a happy joyful and kind person that we all loved. He will be sadly missed by everyone.😢😭

Imaani (ex student 6k 2020). & Parents. - In such a short space of time, you made a huge difference to Marner, parents of children and the wider community. People have tried for many years to achieve what you have done in 5 years at Marner.

You absence will be terribly missed.
The whole community has been affected by your death.

You will leave a whole in our hearts that will be hard to fill, but we are grateful to off had you in our lifetime.
We will not forget the love and kindness you had shown us.

May you rest in peace.

Your student Imaani & family. X

Mrs. Saima Ali - We never believed it when we got the sad news. He was truly a gentleman and an amazing personality.
He really worked hard for Marner and for all the children. May God rest his soul in peace. He will be sadly missed.

Faridah (5S) - I'm still shocked by this. Mr Hague was a great headteacher, who ensured that we had the best education. I remember when he would come to the classrooms every now and then, to see what we were doing. There was also a time, about 4 years ago, when we got certificates and goody bags. He took about a dozen photos and I'm very grateful to still have them. He always made people welcome to the school, whoever they were.

My wishes to they family.

Susan Bedford - I have been good friends with Nick Hague since 2009 when he was Head Teacher at Chisenhale and we've remained good friends ever since. I am absolutely devastated at the loss of my dear friend, I could not believe it, taken from us at such a young age and with everything to live for. A larger than life character that worked tirelessly for the good of his school. I will miss him dreadfully, but I will always have the memories we shared and his wicked sense of humour.

Maryam (5S) - I was very surprised to know the sad news of Mr Hague passing away, I remember when our class won the competition for the Times tables rockstars and Mr Hague and a few of the year 6 children coming and congratulating us. I will never forget him, and him being a wonderful headteacher in Marner Primary School. I will miss him much.😢

mahtir m - 6k - I remember

I remember how our head teacher called me into the office
Showing off my work during our pep meeting
seeing him smile made me smile
That day when he told me I made him proud made me happy
He taught me how to be kind every step of the way and helped me grow,stay motivated and never give up
He taught me to be my myself and never change for others
That is one of the mane reason I will miss him so much, he never cared what other people thought of him and was never afraid to show who he was
I will cherish every moment and every memory that we had
You will be missed

Althea Powell - I had the pleaaure of working with and knowing Mr Hauge as a parent and a student. Both of my children knew him well. Mr Hague had a strong passion for his job which displayed his empathy, humour and leadership.
Our condolences are given to his family and friends, including the local community.

Arissa 4M & Inaaya 2S - We are very sad to hear about mr hague he didn't deserve this we wish he was still here. He was very respectful, kind and loving person. We will always remember you Mr Hague and your lovely smile. Marner wont be the same anymore we will sense your absence and you will truly be missed as always. Rest in peace Mr Hague :( The BEST HEADTEACHER EVER!

Chris Jordan - It is with shock and sadness that I heard the news of Nick's death when I came back to work after the Christmas holidays. I am still in shock and disbelief. Even though I only worked alongside Nick for a little while when he was at Thomas Buxton Primary School and more recently in education safeguarding, I have vivid memories of his support, generosity, quick wit and humour. Nick's contribution to education in the borough and beyond will continue to be realised in its fullness for many, many years to come. RIP Nick Hague. I would like to convey my condolences to his mother, family and friends.

Sammy and Madison (year 1) - Madison: i will miss Mr Hague so much, i will miss seeing him everyday at the school gate and saying good morning, he was lovely and kept us all safe.
Sammy: i am truly shocked by the passing of Mr hague, i enjoyed seeing his smile and saying good morning, every morning without fail, he was someone who was lovely and always put the childrens needs first, it was a pleasure to know him and someone we will frequently talk about in our home, my thoughts are with his family at this time
RIP Mr Hague, Marner will never be the same without you!!!

Umar 5H - It is very tragic and sad news about Mr Hague passing away. We all will miss the head teacher Mr Hague.

Charlene and Tillie-Mae - I was saddened to hear such tragic news, Mr Hague was an outstanding headteacher and was a true credit to Marner primary school. He supported me and tillie through many hard times and difficult hurdles but with the support I received from nick we over come many of these hurdles and Tillie-Mae is now more settled and confident. Truly heart breaking news Mr Hague will be forever missed he was a beautiful soul. RIP 🙏

Becky Downes - I have waited until I can find the right words but I'm still struggling to, following the terrible news about Nick. I am devastated and have shed many tears over the last couple of weeks.
I remember the day Nick started at Marner and I liked him immediately, and over the years I grew to like and respect him even more because of his kind ways; he was very caring and had a great sense of humour. I admired his incredible commitment to the school and the care he displayed to the children as well as the staff at Marner and the wider community. Nick was very approachable, I could go to him about anything, he was easy to talk to and made me smile. I particularly liked the way he treated us (his staff), the children and their parents. He genuinely cared about everyone.
Nick worked so very hard for Marner and I feel honoured to have worked with such a wonderful gentleman.
Throughout this whole pandemic Nick worked tirelessly to ensure the school was safe for staff and children and had everyone's safety at the forefront. I will always remember that.
My heart goes out to all my colleagues at Marner, the children and their famiies, as well as Nick's friends and family, especially his Mum who he loved dearly.
RIP Nick.

Ex student Rachel George and my mum - I was in 6k I left In July 2020 it was a real pleasure we knew Nick really shocked to hear about his death it was devastating not to be able to really speak to any member of staff because of Covid but thought well at least we can pay a visit it’s really devastating to know when I can visit again you won’t be there thank you for everything RIP never be forgotten

Jennifer Williamson (Knutsson) - I first met Nick when we worked together at Thomas Buxton. He was warm, kind and big-hearted, but always the consummate professional. He brought fun and laughter to many a meeting and he could shoot down an idea with a look.
It’s such a sad loss to Marner and the education community but also to his family and many friends. Nick, we will miss you immensely.

Jos - Nick was an absolutely wonderful and much adored Headteacher at Marner. He was a gem of a human - a hugely charismatic person who managed to be ever professional but also let his love of disco shine for everyone to see. Nick was humble, empathic and so warm - he made me feel valued and respected, and he gave the best hugs! Nick's integrity radiated as did his cracking personality - the kind of person who is both great as a boss but also a really good laugh.

I've worked at two schools where Nick has been a leader and can safely say he left a trail of fans wherever he went.

My sincere thoughts go to Nick's mum - he talked about you all the time and we could all tell how much he adored you.

You will be so missed Nick, what a legacy you have left. The seeds you have planted through your teaching and leadership will blossom for years to come.

Dawn Holder - Such a lovely, kind and gentle giant who has been taken to soon. Nick was an extremely wonderful man to whom you could go to with any problem. It has still not completely gone in that you are gone. I still think Nick should see or hear this, it will give him a laugh, like the book I Need A New Bum. We both said it was close but not to close and the children loved it when Mr Palmer read it to them. The Christmas meals wearing the ridiculous glasses and the many drinks flowing, such wonderful times.
You sir were a true legend.
Sending thoughts and prayers to your mum to whom you were devoted. You are truly missed Sir x

Alexander and mum - We're so sad to hear that nick is no long with us ,he was such a lovely man that was always there when you need the support for your child,always new how to deal with the children to get the best from them ,my condolences to his mum and family ,he will always be in our memory as such a lovely ,funny and hard working man R.I.P💔😔

Jhorna - Nick was one of the most kindest, caring and genuine people I have had the chance to work with. He represented Marner exactly - a place of friendship, care, hope and real value of all. His duty and devotion to the education of our future generations went above and beyond, and this extended to his staff - he was always supportive, no matter how big or small a problem. I will truly miss not seeing Nick in his office, staff meetings, assemblies, randomly at the class door, and at the school's gates. His loss will be felt throughout the school community and beyond. My deepest condolences go to his dear mum, who he spoke so fondly of and to all those who cared for and loved him.
Though he has gone, Nick's legacy lives on. He has transformed the lives of many in so many different ways that he will not be forgotten. ♡

Anastasia,Sergei,Aleksandr Minko - Such a shocking and sad news! We were reading the message many times with hope that we understood it wrong and we still can’t believe this happened...Its so painful when such a great,young,positive person is leaving and leaving so early...Mr Nick Hague! You will be missed, you will stay forever in our memory standing in the entrance of Marner with warm, kind and sincere smile !!! Sending our condolences to Mr.Hague’s mum, friends and family .

Vicky Marsh - Nick Hague was a truly dedicated educational leader who inspired me to be the leader I am today. My time working as his Deputy at Chisenhale is such a memorable time because of the leader Nick was. Caring, challenging, passionate, witty and a credit to the profession. He loved the staff, children and whole community. His presence will be greatly missed. I am just honoured and humbled that I had the pleasure to know and work with Nick. Missed but never forgotten.

Sara Haynes - It is with great sadness that I write this. I did not know Nick particularly well but as a colleague headteacher in Tower Hamlets, I really appreciated his warmth, humour and his kind and collaborative approach. We will really miss Nick as part of our headteacher community- in our meetings, at our conferences and just being there in the Tower Hamlets school community. I send my deepest condolences to his family and friends and to everyone at Marner School; you must all be missing him so very much. He will be sadly missed.

Ayesha F - What an amazing person I am in a shock only my heart can feel and eyes fill with tears Mr Nick Hague we lost you so unexpectedly you will be always be in our hearts miss you always also cannot get rid of your smiley face and humble personality

Lorraine Flanagan - Nick came to Thomas Buxton in 2015 as Deputy Headteacher and instantly established himself as a joyful force of nature with a vision for how great learning should be for children. Nick brought a wealth of experience to our school community as a Senior Leader, Education Consultant and Headteacher. He inspired us with his knowledge and great sense of humour to do the very best for our children, families and staff. He will be greatly missed by children, colleagues, families and especially by those of us who became his friends.

Stuart - Nick, I am still in shock that you are no longer with us. I feel honoured and privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you at Marner. I started at Marner 3 years ago after working at a few questionable schools and from the moment I met you, I knew that this was the school for me. Your door was always open and nothing was ever too much trouble. I don't know of many heads that would walk around in a multicoloured wig playing 'We Will Rock You' from a bluetooth speaker to give out times table awards, but somehow you made it look effortless! Your love and passion for the profession and supporting the local community was clear and was something you never compromised on, even throughout a worldwide pandemic. I am forever grateful for the opportunities, encouragement and support you have given me in both my personal and professional life. Your passing will leave a massive hole in the heart of the school and community, but I hope we can do you proud and continue your legacy that you worked so hard for and strongly believed in. Sending my love and condolences to your family and friends. Raising a glass to you and I'll remember you every time I have an espresso martini. Rest in peace. Stuart x

Jane Scott-Gall - And a few more from our brilliant Y6 Residential. Nick got up at 3 in the morning to take a train and then the ferry over to the Isle of Wight so he could join us for our day on the beach.

Jane Scott-Gall - Just sharing a few lovely photos of Nick with the children at Marner which will hopefully make everyone smile.

Faye Worthy-Pauling - Nick was my Head Teacher, leader, colleague and friend at Chisenhale and had a profound impact on the staff, children and local community. As a teacher he helped me to grow, pushed me professionally and encouraged me to be brave and try new things. He was always accepting of new ideas and experiences for the children, allowing teachers to plan and teach a truly creative curriculum. He trusted us as teachers to do the best for the children and continually supported us to become better teachers. Nick loved the children and laughed with them. He embraced dressing up in the staff pantomime to make the children laugh and was always ready to step up for the staff who needed him to be a master chef judge/ x factor judge and so much more. Anyone who has worked with Nick will know that he had an incredible caring nature, always there to support staff through their ups and downs of life, but most of all he had a wicked sense of humour. Gosh, we all did laugh together as a staff community both in and outside of school. What he created was special and I hope he knew that. Nick, I have been deeply upset by the news of your death and the world is missing a truly wonderful person. Rest in Peace Nick and my deepest condolences to Nick's family and friends. Faye xx

Annette Rook - I was really saddened and shocked to hear of the sudden death of Nick. I had only really started to get to know him in 2018 when we were planning and organising the Headteacher's conference together. Many of the headteachers wanted him to organise the event as they trusted him to make it a great success, which it was. I could see why he was so popular in his school community and amongst his peers. He was a great combination of fun, mischievous and witty as well as being very professional and thorough in his planning. A sad loss for us all.

Nadine - Nick, I can’t believe I’m writing this.
When I started working at Marner I thought I’d give this teaching thing one more try. As soon as I had my first meeting with you I knew I made the right decision. Straight away I knew you were a kind caring man and a wonderful headteacher. Your care for the children’s well-being and learning was amazing. You are an absolute hero to all of the staff and children at Marner.
Sending my love to Nick’s mum, friends and family.
Thank you for everything Nick.

Claire Flicker - I worked with Nick whilst he was headteacher at chisenhale primary. He was the kindest, fairest man and such a pleasure to work for!! He would make us laugh everyday with his sense of humour and was just a GREAT person in every way. He will be so missed and forever thought of in the most fondest way .

Aqeela (4N) - Me and my family are sad about his death and we will miss him. He always had a smile on his face and we will always remember him. It has been a shock. My headteacher was the most amazing person. He a precious smile and we will never forget it!

Samina Hassan - Nick was the head teacher of Chisenhale Primary when I worked there as a long term supply teacher. He was a plesant addition in the school environment. His laughters were as big as his hugs. I always enjoyed his jokes with the staff. Rest in peace Nick.

Rumana from Chisenhale - My 19 year old daughter felt very sad when she heard this sad news he was her headteacher. A very just man who did the right thing and put the children’s well-being first.

Zaheer and Yahya 5P, 1J - We was shocked and saddened that our headteacher had passed away. We are very thankful of what he has done for Marner Primary School.

Jools Hill - Nick, you treated everyone as the best version of themselves. You saw beyond insecurities to every hidden possibility, helping others to achieve their best. No wonder you were such a gifted head- your kindness and faith in others were rock solid. And oh boy were you fun to work with- you created a dream team at Chisenhale and I will treasure my memories of learning from you. Just can't believe you're gone, you were the wise, loving, beating heart of our school. Thank you for everything. You were an extraordinary person and will not be forgotten.

Shamima - Nick Hague was an amazing head/leader, I had the immense pleasure of working under his headship at chisenhale Primary school. He believed in you and pushed you to be your best. Such a caring and understanding leader a true inspiration, thank you for believing in me and giving me my first post. RIP

Gemma R - Nick, you were such a decent, compassionate and fair leader.

You always took the time to listen and were so supportive when your staff needed you. I really appreciated you taking the time to call to check up on me when things were tough.

Thank you for everything. My respect for you and what you achieved knows no bounds. X

Catherine - It's so hard to find the words. Such a big loss for us all. Nick was a great headteacher as well as a lovely, genuine person and I feel grateful to have worked with him. He showed such care and kindness for people individually and the community as a whole - knowing he was looking out and here for us was particularly reassuring throughout this pandemic. Thinking of everyone, especially Nick's mum.
Thank you for everything Nick. May you rest in peace.

Ulysses (3M) and family - Mr Hague was a wonderful man, flexible, extremely kind and always willing to accommodate everyone's differences; he'll be very difficult to replace, and leaves us heartbroken. We had a lot of respect for him, he was a gentle leader with an amazing sense of duty, and he showed that he cared for his community on a daily basis. Uli has made a drawing of him as we would like to remember him, always smiling at the school door. He will be terribly missed.
Uli, Liber + Carlos

Alexander and mum - We're so sad to hear that Nick is no long with us, he was such a lovely man that was always there when you need the support for your child, always new how to deal with the children to get the best from them, my condolences to his mum and family, he will always be in our memory as such a lovely ,funny and hard working man R.I.P💔😔

5P mum - Such sad news he was a wonderful head teacher so kind and caring, he made sure my son was safe when he was picked on one afternoon after school by coming home with him he went above and beyond.
R.I.P Mr Hague.

Roza Bona - Nick was a one of the kindest, funniest and supportive colleagues I was privileged to work with. Like most of us who were lucky enough to have known him, I had always felt I could discuss pretty much anything with him. He always had a calm manner of putting things into perspective. He worked relentlessly from the onset of this pandemic ensuring the school environment was a safe and happy place for the children and staff. Not seeing him at the gates and waving hello will be heartbreaking. He was a great man, one in a million. My sympathies go out to his family and close friends particularly his mother. I do hope that over time, this pain of his loss eases for his mum and the rest of us.

Chanyka - So sad.
He was a brilliant headteacher
He was good to me and my children
You will be missed

Kevin Jones - Principal Old Ford Primary Academy - I got to know Nick through planning the last Tower Hamlets Headteachers' conference with him - we had a laugh! At OFPA we have also developed a great friendly sporting rivalry with Marner, particularly around cricket - I hope this continues. Nick was a lovely man with a good heart and as every has said, a real dry sense of humour. Our thoughts are with Nick's family and friends and the whole Marner school community.

Sarah Pinto - It was very unbelievable for Me to receive the message that you had passed away I was completely heartbroken it took me days to accept that you left us unexpectedly Mr Hague you was a great human being and you served humanity with all your heart and soul you always loved everybody equally I will always cherish good memories of working with you in Marner you always made me laugh I am going to miss you very much and never forget a great personality like you. Your Inspiration will be greatly missed I will always pray for your mum to bear with courage the loss of a wonderful and devoted son.
May you enjoy the fruit of your hard work in the kingdom of God my heartfelt sympathy to your mum and your loved ones we will all miss you very much may you be the brightest star in the sky.

Aarav S 2B - This is not a very good news that Mr Hague is not going to be in school any more. He was the best head teacher in the whole wide world. I am so sorry to hear that you passed away but I am sure you will be Watching us from the Heaven and will be happy to see us all following the rules set by you and making the right choices. I will miss you.

Janette Connolly - I had the pleasure of working with this gentleman at Chisenhale primary school he was a great leadership, talented had a great sence of humour a very caring person, who was so dedicated to his work and how much he loved working with children. He was a positive person always had his door open if you had a problem always there for you. Nick Hague you will be sadly missed, you have left a big hole in a lot of people's hearts but most of all you have left lots of memories. 💔 RIP

Natalie and Tia-Leigh 5s - I can’t Express how Sad we are to hear of your passing, you have been nothing but a true gentleman, kind hearted an all round amazing guy. You have worked so hard in changing the school for the better. Always around to support everyone that needs it, I wish I could of thanked you more for everything you have every done for me and tia-Leigh.
You are going to be truly missed.
RIP Mr Hague

Jody - There's so much to say yet I'm still unable to say a word because it still doesn't quite feel real. I hope I can return with something better suiting another day. Even as I write that I feel that you are surely somewhere, playfully giving me 'the look'. I have many fond memories of Nick, but I mostly enjoyed his wry humour and his ability to be pragmatic even in the most chaotic of situations; I could always rely on him to throw me an incredulous look just at the right, comedic moment. My deepest of sympathies go out to his mum who he spoke of often and so fondly. Thank you for everything Nick, you did us proud.

Samara H (4N) and family - Extremely saddened by this news. Mr Hague was a wonderful, caring and helpful person. We will really miss him.
Our condolences to his family and friends.

Lydia Dobie - I was the link speech and language therapist at Marner when Mr Hague joined as head in 2016. I remember him incredibly fondly, for being so friendly and welcoming, for caring and believing in the school and the pupils, and for understanding the value of seeking additional support for those pupils who needed it. I was particularly in awe of how Nick worked closely with parents and staff to work towards the best outcomes for all the children in his care; he valued safety, happiness, and successful team work. Although I'd not seen Nick since leaving the school, I really value the short time we worked together. The tributes already on this page are testament to what Nick meant to his family, everyone at Marner, and to all the friends he has met along the way in Tower Hamlets.

Joanne clensy - It was a real privilege to count Nick as a dear friend for so many years. We shared many experiences, including a wonderful trip to Brazil. He was always there when things were tough with a smile and his infectious positivity. He was totally driven by doing the best for all the children in his care and the staff who stood beside him in this quest. However, all this pales when compared to being the best dance partner ever..... with an interesting eclectic taste in music. I will never forget the raised eyebrow....the facial expression which reduced us to tears of laughter.....the texting under the tables and trying to keep a straight face at heads meetings 😂
He was such a talented amazing human being who will be missed by so many. My condolences and love go to Nick’s mum who he absolutely adored and I am sure we all felt we knew you a little bit too. His generous spirit will live on forever.....miss you Nick xx

Tanjila H (2B) - Mr Hague you had been wonderful headteacher, We are shocked & sad to think that we will not be able to say good morning in front of the gate but we pray you be in peace and see us be good human being from sky. We wish your family all the best as well.

Ishaaq H 2B - I will really miss Mr Hague, I was very sad and cried lots. I am still very sad even now. I wish I could speak to him again. He was a very nice man.

Alisha B 3H - Mr Hague was a wonderful head teacher and a wonderful human being always smiling and making others smile. We will miss seeing him at the gates with this big smile and welcoming and friendly nature.
He has helped us in many ways, the kindness that he has shown us will not be forgotten may he rest in peace.
Alisha B (3H) and family.

Becky Dolamore - Oh Nick, I am heartbroken for your family, friends and school community. We will miss you so much at all our head teacher meetings and conferences. You were a fabulous HUMAN BEING first, head teacher second. If I was lucky enough to be sitting with you in meetings, I knew we were in for fun. So many stories of laughter, joy, compassion and kindness. During our first lockdown you were first to step in and help our school - you did it quietly and did not want to be named and thanked for the help. You did it with humility because it was the right thing to do. I've heard some wonderfully fun stories, but those are definitely not for on here! Thank you for legacy you have left and we will not forget you. Love and hugs x Becky and the Rachel Keeling Nursery Team x

Sandra Connington - It is with the greatest sadness that I write this in memory of Nick Hague. Nick was not just one of the Head Teachers I supported regularly with HR advice, he was also a dear friend too and like everyone that knew him, I will miss him dreadfully. I knew Nick for just over 2 years but in that time, I came to know what a kind, gentle, generous and funny man he was, but when you got “the look” with the raised eyebrow you knew you were in trouble (but not really).

His love of education, reading and of course his school and the lovely children and community he served were always of the highest importance to him and I know the impact of his passing will be huge. His other great love was of course his mum and I want to pay tribute to her and send her my deepest condolences at this saddest of times.

But, thinking of Nick, I can’t help but smile and laugh, remembering his love of music and dancing and of course his love of the dance floor classic “I’m in the mood for dancing” by the Nolans. He regularly shared with me his Friday Night Disco Spotify List, and I remember the laughs we had about the theme of the week, and then of course discussing our favourite song on the list, but always far too many to choose from.

Nick you were a true inspiration to me and to everyone that knew you, but most of all I will remember you as a naturally funny guy and my friend and I raise a glass of Expresso Martini in your memory! x

Nicky Seach - Such a special person, you're going to be sorely missed. Had the pleasure working with Nick at Chisenhale Primary, lots of lovely memories, making it the best place to work & an inspirational leader. Xx

Rushda P 4N - My family and I are in great sorrow as we heard the news of Mr Hague's death.
He was a very nice person and he doesn't deserve a death like this.
He helped the staff,teachers and us children in many tough times.
I will keep his memories in my head and heart.
RIP Mr Hague

Robin Head Somerset National Education Union and NEC member - This is incredibly sad. Marner was my Grandfather's School back in the 1900s. Condolences from Somerset to all his family, friends and colleagues.

Rina Dias & family - It was a wonderful opportunity to know him as person. He was humble, kind & disciplined. Please pass our heartfelt condolences for his family & friends. We will miss him so much & he will be in our memories.

Luna Kah (5S) and Benoit Kah (2S) - we are very sad that Mr Hague passed away. He was respectful, kind, caring, creative, hard working, talented, smart, unique and generous we had more adjectives about Mr Hague. He helped us when we needed it and made the school a better place. Everyday there was a smile on peoples face. He made every single right count. we will never forget what he did for the school. We all miss you heart to heart.

Arissa 3M - I am feeling sad, I will miss his assemblies and I will miss seeing him at the gates every morning, sometimes he would say jokes and that made me laugh. He was a very good and kind headteacher.

Skye Charles-ex student - R.I.P Mr. Hague you was a brilliant head teacher to me and my classmates thank you for teaching me all the amazing things I learnt when I was there.
May you rest in peace and I wish all the best for your family and friends🕊💔

Rahma A 2B - I will always miss your assemblies Mr Hague. You made coming to school everyday fun.

Aysha - We cannot express how sad and devastated we are that Mr Hague will no longer be at Marner. Mr Hague was one of a kind. He made so many positive changes in our school and our community. I felt safe and happy knowing that my children were attending a school with such a caring, kind and generous headteacher, who gave his all to serve the children and their education everyday. We felt well looked after at Marner. I always showed off to friends and family how much my children’s headteacher cared about parents and their voice. He was always a step ahead with everything. He made everything so accessible. I loved how I was easily able to access the school website to book an after school club or an appointment for parents consultation, or even read the latest newsletter and find out what was happening around the school. Mr Hague knew what parents wanted and he always delivered! I remember when my children came home the first year he became headteacher, they told me he served them Christmas lunch. That sounded so special and it was very special to my children. I’ve never heard in any school the headteacher serve Christmas lunch. I knew from that day he wasn’t your average headteacher, he was different. He really cared for our children and it was evident in his role. It is so sad we will not see Mr Hague greet us in the morning and afternoon. Mr Hague will be a great loss to the Marner Family and community. You will be truly missed by our family. Our deepest condolences to Mr Hague’s family, friends and colleagues.

Rianne - Rest in peace Mr Hague, you’ll be missed🕊

I finished at marner three years ago so you weren’t my headteacher for long therefore I didn’t know you well but you seemed like a lovely person with a wonderful personality and it’s sad to see you go. Rest up Sir

Leanne Santos Lexie's mum - I can not believe I'm writing this my deepest condolences to Mr Hague mum, The hard work you put into the community and schools will forever be appreciated! Me and Lexie will miss your big smile in the morning ready to get us started for the day and are see you tomorrow or have a good weekend💔 RIEP

Yusra Ahmed- ex student - The loss of Mr Hague is a loss to us all. I was shocked and very upset when we heard about the passing of him. He made Marner such a good school and made lots of changes: new playground, marner logo and even his assemblies. They taught me how to be respectful and motivational no matter what. It is very hard to accept this news. I will miss seeing him at the gates every morning and afternoon when I pick up my sisters. He always made parents and students feel safe at school. My condolences go out to him and his family.

Debbie Whelan - What a man he was. Kind considerate funny supportive and above all the person who loved and cared for everyone he knew. My time at Chisenhale was the best ever when Nick arrived to take over the reigns he led us all forward in a way that made us all better people. You will be forever in my thoughts and prayers. Lots of love and hugs are being sent to your mum what a proud woman she must be xxx

Amanda Wood - I can't believe that this special man has gone, I had the pleasure of working for Nick at Chisenhale he was like a big cuddly bear and would always be there for you . He was an amazing headteacher and cared a lot for the children and staff. He would always make you smile and laugh, he was an inspirational person and I know he will be sorely missed by everyone.
You were one of a kind Nick rest in peace, it was a pleasure knowing you xxx

Melodi and elas mum 5H 3M - We are still in shock that such a wonderful person has passed away nick was a lovely person always smiling and anyone could see that he was passionate about doing what’s best for the school and for the children of marner you will be missed by everyone we were fighting back the tears when we heard rip suck a lovely wonderful kind hearted person you was

Aleya, Yusuf (5S) and Maryam - RIP Mr Hague, you were the first person to welcome children and parents to school in the morning and again greet us after school. Your warm smile and dedication to the the school n children will truly be missed and may your legacy continue in the school. Deepest condolences to your family and friends 🙏

Ali M 2B - I can't believe that Mr Hague is gone. I was surprised when my mum told me Mr Hague passed away. I very very sad. He was so kind, lovely and generous. I also couldn't believe it. I am very sorry for his mum that had to go through it.

Mansoor 6B - I'm very sorry to hear that Mr Hague has passed away to Covid-19. He was a very nice and caring Head Teacher. He always guided the children to their line and told them to go to class. I was very shocked when I heard the news. I couldn't believe that he was gone and we can't see him anymore. He was a very good Head Teacher. He was good to everyone.

Blaine Stothard - I met and worked with Nick when he was the head at Chisenhale Primary School as part of my role supporting schools in the Healthy Schools Programme. I can only repeat the messages about the inspiration, encouragement, example and support Nick unfailingly showed to colleagues and pupils. His warmth, enthusiasm and professionalism were clearly appreciated by all in the school community, and set a wonderful example for all who came into contact with him of how an adult human and professional can be. His death is a loss to the teaching profession and the schools and colleagues he worked in and, importantly, with. My sympathies to all at Marner and my condolences to Nick's family and friends.

Saiqa Akhtar - It was privilege to know Nick. He cared about all of us at Marner.
He was a kind,generous person who wanted the best for all of the children at Marner.
He went over and above to make Marner a great school.
I and all the staff and children at Marner will miss him immensely.
May God bless him in heaven.
From Saiqa

Lesley Chapman - I had the pleasure of working for/with Nick when he arrived at Chisenhale Primary School. He was like a breath of fresh air. A man who brought out the best in everyone. Inspirational, motivational, supportive with a wicked sense of humour. Nick, there are very few people who leave this world a much better place for having had them in it. You are one of those people. An honour to have known you my friend.

Yusuf, Amelia & family - Mr Hague
You were a blessing to many, as you you go out of your own way to help everyone.
Even in the hardest of times, you would still make sure staff, children & parents felt safe and looked after.
You have inspired everyone with your ongoing hard work and love.
We will all miss you so much and will forever remain in our hearts.

Yusuf,Amelia,Ayub & parents.

Vanessa Freeman - I can’t quite express the utter sadness I feel. I feel fortunate that I had the opportunity to work with Nick when he was the head at Chisenhale. He had a generous and trusting heart and I felt so supported as a teacher under his leadership. He was able to get the best out of his team in a way that seemed effortless. He was also the ultimate team player. A lovely, talented, good humoured, kind and gentle man who will always be remembered with such fondness.

Izyan malleck-Amode (4M) & family - We were shocked and very sad when we received the news. Please pass on our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. He was kind with a positive attitude and strong values. He always ensured that the children who walked through the school gates were safe. It is hard to accept that someone we saw everyday at the ate greeting everyone has suddenly gone. He will be greatly missed. Would it be possible eventually to plant a tree/flowers in his memory? Thank you and take care, Nusheen, Tasleem and Izyan (4M).

Nick Simms - Nick gave me my first teaching job when he was the headteacher at Chisenhale Primary School 15 years ago. An amazing and inspirational figure who taught me so much in those first years in the profession. He cared so much about the community he worked in. An amazingly dry sense of humour and a wonderful smile. He will be sadly missed.

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