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Behaviour and Attendance

Policy Next Review
Anti Bullying Policy Autumn 2020
Attendance Policy Autumn 2020
Behaviour Policy Spring 2021

Data Protection and Complaints

Policy Next Review
Complaints Policy Summer 2020
Compliance Notice Ongoing
Data Protection and Freedom of Information Policy Autumn 2020
Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers Ongoing
Retention Guidelines for Schools Ongoing


Policy Next Review
Disability Equality Policy Summer 2020
Equality Objectives Summer 2020
Equality Policy and Action Plan Summer 2020
Race Equality Policy Summer 2020
Single Equality Policy


Policy Next Review
Calculation Policy Autumn 2020
Relationships and Sex Education Policy
Remote Learning Policy 2021

Premises and Admin

Policy Next Review
Admissions Policy In Line With Local Authority Update
Charging Policy Under Review
Holidays and Extended Leave Policy Ongoing
Pupil Premium Policy Autumn 2020
Snow and Adverse Weather Procedures Under Review

Safeguarding and Medical

Policy Next Review
DfE Covid-19 Guidance in Bengali
Child Protection Policy September 2020
COVID-19 Secure Whole School Risk Assessment
Health and Safety Policy Summer 2020
Medical Needs Policy Autumn 2020
Online Safety Policy Summer 2020
Smoke Free Policy