SHINE on Saturdays

Shine school will be resuming in the Autumn 2021 Term

We were really fortunate in that we succeeded in securing funding for SHINE to continue. 

The SHINE on Saturday programme at Marner provides 100 hours of additional and creative learning every year, designed to boost achievement levels.

The project runs for 20 Saturdays a year, working with 50 students.

What Saturday School aims to do            

  • It exists for students to achieve more and enhance their learning.
  • It is designed to be distinctive from, but complementary to, the school week
  • We have students and tutors (instead of pupils and teachers), with small classes of mixed ages and mixed abilities. 
  • We have older students to act a peer mentors from local Secondary Schools
  • We have Queen Mary University undergraduates working as mentor volunteers.
  • It emphasises excitement, enrichment and activity-based learning - each term has a main theme, supported by investigative learning in literacy, mathematics, science and technology
  • It has an absolute commitment to raising expectations, attaining high standards and demonstrating improved performance
  • To promote the development of the children in a safe, secure and happy environment.

Shine on Saturday has well established monitoring procedures to evaluate the impact of each project.

Expected outcomes include: High attendance; raised achievement in core academic subjects, increased confidence, improved attitudes to learning and higher aspirations.

Shine on Saturday is not just about helping students to pass their exams but to also foster a love of learning.

Meet the SHINE Team

Ms Carol Doherty
Assistant Head / Project Manager

Mr Nizam Miah

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