Vision and Goals

Our Vision – The Story of Us

At Marner we believe in working together to enable all children to become resilient, lifelong thinkers and learners.

  • Respect
  • Happiness
  • Growth
  • Hope
  • Motivation

School Goals 2018-2020

School Goal 1 – Maths

  • To ensure all groups of children make a sustained improvement in their maths work
  • To ensure all children are successful, building year on year, in Maths at Marner
  • To ensure all children see themselves as mathematicians

This means we will:

  • Celebrate our children’s maths
  • Promote the enjoyment of maths through providing an exciting environment that enables children to engage positively and enthusiastically with maths.
  • Develop mathematical skills and knowledge and quick recall of basic facts within a wide range of activities within school and subsequently, adult life
  • Develop an appreciation of relationships within and the creative aspects of maths
  • Promote Maths as a subject that all children can be successful in
  • Support children to develop a 'can do' learning attitude to Maths
  • Ensure children have a range of strategies to access questions and the knowledge and skills to answer them
  • Ensure children have the mathematical language they need to be able to express themselves fluently as Mathematicians both within Marner and beyond the school gates.
  • Offer professional development to teachers as they continue to grow as mathematicians

School Goal 2 – Outdoor Learning

  • To continue to develop our use of the school grounds as an enriched learning and play environment
  • To continue to develop relevant, challenging learning experiences in our outdoor spaces and the wider community
  • To work with all children to ensure that they see the use of the outdoor as a positive choice to make

This means we will:

  • Enhance learning experiences and outcomes for children through effective use of the outdoors e.g. Science box project
  • All children will have the opportunity to participate in a range of challenging, progressive and creative outdoor learning experiences.
  • Embed outdoor learning in the curriculum so that learning in the outdoor environment becomes a reality for all our children e.g. Edible garden/playground
  • Redesign our playground experiences incorporating our new pitch environment to encourage children to become more active – playtime, lunchtime and clubs and PE
  • Use the Mayor’s grant, in relation to Air Pollution, and any other funding to green screen the perimeter of the school including planting of trees/shrubs and to develop green initiatives and resources for outdoor learning
  • Train 3 members of staff as forest school practitioners to deliver forest school lessons and experiences to the Marner community
  • Use our outdoor environment to promote the holistic development of all children fostering resilient, confident, independent and creatives learners
  • Enable children to experience the natural environment and develop a greater respect for nature
  • Develop an EYFS outdoor learning environment that supports the physical development of all learners while encouraging high quality shared, sustained thinking

School Goal 3 – Wellbeing – A thriving school community

  • To continue building the capacity for all children, families, staff and the wider community to feel valued and energised to work
  • and learn in a happy, safe environment where all can grow.
  • To improve on strong provision for mental health and wellbeing through research with the Anna Freud Institute and UCL.
  • To introduce ‘The Rights Respecting Schools’ curriculum as a means of explicitly teaching and supporting our children, through a shared ethos and common language.
  • To strengthen further the schools ethos around behaviours for learning, so all children are ‘Ready to Learn’ and understand what this looks like.

This means we will:

  • Work effectively with staff, families, and children along with outside agencies to build a school community that welcomes, listens and supports our families. Making good use of early help services and empowering parents and children to make positive changes.
  • Continue to develop our own expertise base through well mapped out CPD and research informed practice, so that staff feel empowered in knowing they can make a difference.
  • Continue to review our curriculum to ensure we are using every opportunity to teach our children the life skills needed throughout life. This will be done through the introduction of ‘The Rights Respecting Schools’ curriculum and the realignment of the PSHE curriculum.
  • Build on the good work embedded on Mindsets for learning, by linking our behaviour policy more closely to behaviours for learning. Ensuring all children are able to make choices, which show they are ‘Ready to Learn’. (Practice informed through the text, ‘When the Adults Change, Everything Changes’)
  • Link the above areas together to produce a common language for all, so that communication is clear and consistent, ensuring high expectations for all.

School Goal 4 – Inclusion and Equalities

  • To ensure that outcomes for all groups is considered with an emphasis on consistency and more equality of impact in reading, writing and maths
  • To ensure that the school’s SEND protocols are working effectively and efficiently
  • To equip our children to make a positive contribution to a globalised world by becoming active global citizens with a powerful voice
  • To foster a sense of community in which all pupils and staff are valued and can thrive through promoting equal opportunities, valuing diversity and tackling social exclusion

This means we will:

  • Work within our Poplar Partnership Triad (Marner, St Saviour’s & Woolmore) to peer review Marner’s provision for reading
  • Work with a range of colleagues, especially those in the Phoenix Satellite classes and also at Phoenix School, to ensure that an inclusive and supportive approach is sustained with regard to welfare and learning
  • Maintain the existing programme of trips and events whilst at the same time developing new projects
  • Moderate, review and revise SEND systems to ensure timely interventions and/or referrals are being made
  • Develop Marner Primary School as a Silver Award Rights Aware School where there is teaching and learning about rights, through rights and for the rights of others.
  • Work with our whole community to foster an awareness of our diverse society and to appreciate and celebrate the value of difference
  • Take the lead in creating and developing situations for our children, our partner schools and the wider community to engage in volunteering or work experience

School Goal 5 – Oracy

  • To create a school culture with high expectations in oracy.
  • To inspire purposeful speech across all areas of the curriculum.
  • To enable effective communication amongst pupils and staff.
  • To provide pupils with the oracy skills needed to succeed both academically and in the real world.

This means we will:

  • Provide opportunities for purposeful talk across the curriculum.
  • Plan for oracy based learning outcomes across different subject areas.
  • Develop the planning and delivery of Philosophy for Children as a vehicle for improving oracy.
  • Explicitly teach the use of ‘Tier 2’vocabulary across all learning and ‘Tier 3’ vocabulary in subject specific areas.
  • Teach talk structures and scaffolds that enable children to communicate more effectively.
  • Model good language from all adults in the classroom and in the wider school environment.
  • Use specific events and projects like the Disney Project as a means to improve oracy.
  • Build all pupil’s confidence when speaking and presenting in front of others.
  • Develop pupil’s role of being the ‘Face and Voice of Marner’ when representing the school.