Year 6 - Remembrance Day 2020

Our Year 6 children leading the school in marking Remembrance Day 2020 with a video they produced themselves #lestweforget


- Fam this brings back bareeeeeee memories now I'm going Yr 8 anyways nice vid - Ibrahim

Alina 5P - Well done year 6

Mariam - Very nice

Ms Anne - Good job yr6

Dash - Year 6 did really well and truly is the best thing ever

farhan ex marner pupil 6L - Brings the memory when I did it in Marner thank you guys.

old student of marner - well done year 6

from Tanvir old student of marner

Nursery Parent - Well done Year 6!

Julekha Ripa Rahman - Well done y6 excellent work

Afia Ahmed - Amazing work year 6. It’s great to see how talented each individual you are and impressing art work done. Keep up the great work!

aleya Khatun - Excellent work year 6! Lovely pictures, heartfelt entry stories and letter readings. Well done πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

Parents of marner - Well done year 6 this is amazing

Ms Long - Well done Y6!
I am so proud of the way you have approached your learning and the way you have represented this very important part of our history.
You have expressed yourselves so well through art and design, the spoken and written word and the shared enjoyment of the books you have been reading.
Thank you!

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