Parents and Carers

At Marner School we aim to make parents and carers feel comfortable about coming into school to ask questions about their child’s learning, discuss any concerns they have about their child’s individual needs or their own needs as parents.

Ahsana Choudhury is our full time Home-School Liaison Officer and is a key contact between home and school. 

The home-school liaison scheme works to raise the awareness and confidence of parents and carers in their own capacity to enhance their children’s educational progress, and also assists them in developing their skills further.

Marner School runs a number of activities to help involve parents in their children’s learning.

Our regular coffee mornings are a great opportunity for an informal chat to give parents information about school activities. Attending regular coffee mornings increases parents’ confidence in engaging in life at Marner school.

Parents can contact Ahsana Mon-Fri 9.30 - 4.00 on 020 7987 2938, drop in for a chat, or email Ahsana at